Thursday, 25 March 2010

We are looking for fellow doodlers!

We are bringing DoodleVend to Nottingham and Portsmouth in April and are currently looking for fellow doodlers to get involved.

Set to be part of the opening parties of new venues, Spanky Van Dykes (Nottingham) and Kraken Wakes (Portsmouth) DoodleVend needs a gang of merry pen-pushers to lend some of their creative braintime to entertaining the punters on these evenings.

Being part of DoodleVend is an excellent way to promote yourself to your local audience, get involved in a exciting project, and meet some fellow creatives.

If you, or anyone you know, are interested in getting involved, please email

Please include a couple examples of your work, as well as any links to websites/blogs.

Looking forward to it!

Sally x
(Mrs DoodleVend)

Welcome to DoodleVend!

‘Doodle Vend’ is a brand new concept promoting live interaction between contemporary illustrators and their audience.

The idea is simple: Illustrators take up residency inside the magical vending machine, talking to the ‘customer’ through high-tech funnels. An exchange of ideas leads to the customisation of a chosen item and the customer leaves with a one-of-a-kind hat, cake, postcard or badge designed by the artist.

‘Doodle Vend’ will be coming to the openings of two newly renovated venues, and we’re looking for illustrators, artists or general doodlers to get involved.

Nottingham - ‘Spanky Van Dykes Eatery & Funhouse’ NG1 5JT on 15th April
Portsmouth – ‘Kraken Wakes’ PO1 2EE on 22nd April.

‘Doodle Vend’ is an amazing opportunity to introduce new audiences to your work, be involved in a brand new concept and network within a new arty venue. We will provide the giveaway items, you provide the doodles!

If you are local to the new venues and would like to be considered for a place in the vending machine please email Sally at  – Please include a couple examples of your work, and any links to websites/blogs.

You can also join our group fan page on facebook here: Facebook Fan Page

To see pictures of ‘Doodle Vend’ in it’s original incarnation, please visit: Mally & Saddy